Pretty Cure Metamorphosis | Komachi Akimoto | Cure Mint

"The green earth of tranquility, Cure Mint!"

Precure Open My Heart | Tsubomi Hanasaki | Cure Blossom

"The one flower spreading throughout the land! Cure Blossom!"

Pretty Cure Metamorphosis | Nozomi Yumehara | Cure Dream

"The great power of hope, Cure Dream!"

Precure Open My Heart | Erika Kurumi | Cure Marine

"The one flower swaying to the sea breeze! Cure Marine!"

Pretty Cure Metamorphosis | Urara Kasguano | Cure Lemonade

"The bursting scent of lemon, Cure Lemonade!"

Let's Play Precure Modulation | Ako Shirabe | Cure Muse

"Strumming the goddess’ tune! Cure Muse!"

Change, Precure Beat Up | Miki Aono | Cure Berry

"The blue heart is the symbol of hope! Freshly gathered, Cure Berry!"

Precure Smile Charge | Yayoi Kise | Cure Peace

"Sparkling and glittering, rock-paper-scissors! Cure Peace"